Updated: Mar 16

We wanted to check in, as we know it's a hard time at the moment.

We know isolation/ quarantine is hard, we get it, we're in it too! However, luckily for us, we are not sick and have our health. This means we can still provide you contact-less delivery of grazing boxes.

Do you know someone or a family who need cheering up in this time? Or a household who can't 'pop' down to the shops for some yummy cheeses and chocolates? We WANT TO HELP YOU!


Birthday's, anniversaries, special events, even date nights CAN STILL HAPPEN IN YOUR OWN HOME!

As we know everyone is struggling, we are offering $10 off ALL OUR BOXES, with COVID-19.

So get to it, order a box for your own household, or someone else!

We are changing rapidly and always, so we will try keep you updated as much as possible.

Love and safety to you all & keep on GRAZING!

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