Why get US to create your grazing table?

We know the GRAZE CRAZE is real! It’s been around for a while now and we’ve also seen HUNDREDS of new lil biz’s popping up left, right and centre.

So why get us to create your board and why not DIY or get another company?

Well firstly, we’ve been on the GRAZE CRAZE for over 3 years now. We’re one of Perth’s original grazing table companies and we know our stuff.

Things you might not have considered if you want to DIY:

How long it takes to create your own table? Yeah, we get it, it might be cheaper for you to do it yourself. Have you thought about the amount of time it takes to drive to all the different shops (we get the good stuff), so the cheese supplier, the meat supplier, the fresh fruit supplier. Not to mention the FUEL MONEY! Don’t then forget about how long it takes for these trips.. OH and then you’ve got to prep for the board, cutting the cheeses, folding the meats, potting those dips……… I think we’re probably already at a couple of hours work here.

Things you may want to consider by using a cheaper grazing table company:

Do they have PLI? What’s PLI? Public Liability Insurance. Why should they have it? Uh so you’re insured if for some reason, they don’t have proper hygiene standards and you get food poisoning.

Do they have their Food Act? If they don’t have this, then I’d stay away. WHY? Cause that means they’re not above board. You need to have your Food Act to be registered catering supplier. It keeps us all to the same standard.

Do they have Food Safety training? Companies need this, so they know about cross contamination, all about bacteria growth (good and bad) and just general food safety handling procedures – uh WASHING HANDS! GLOVES! THE BASICS!

You have every right, to ask your chosen caterer for these documents.

Look, if I haven’t sold you, then you’re definitely missing out. We have done hundreds of boards and had hundreds of happy clients over the years. We are a very small and proud little company. Who is completely registered and insured, with the creative flair and design to create some definite conversation starters for your next event.

ALSO have I mentioned we made it onto THE URBAN LIST PERTH twice? That’s right, we are noted as one of the best grazing tables in Perth. Don’t believe us, read the latest they said about us last year – https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/best-grazing-tables-in-perth

Any questions? Ask away!

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